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Esra, Shop Owner.

I always knew I wanted to do something artistic. I was “that kid” who had a pencil in my hand since the time I could hold one.

Being a creative, experienced tattoo artist allows me to push my boundaries and enjoy the variety of what I get to create permanently on people every single day.

Here i am making the best out of my creativity on every individual client, giving them the best custom tattoos they could ask for. I’ve been active in the tattoo branch since 2011 and spent my first years practicing on my own skin and friends without taking any classes from masters or artists. It was a difficult and long path to walk, but here I am in my own tattoo-shop with great other artists!

I enjoy most types of tattoo art, but by far my favorite style is realism and blackwork.

So get in touch with me if you want the best designed peace of art on your body!

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